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Counselling myths

There are many many myths about counselling that are easy to find on the internet.  Here are some facts that answer many of those myths.

Counselling reality

As people we normally seek guidance in our lives in a very ordinary and natural way.  It may be by talking with trusted friends, watching how others do things,  following a tv series, observing nature, looking up information on the internet or just hanging out together.  It is natural for us to to this. 


It is also a normal and ok part of life to sometimes want more support in some way.  Counselling is one way of seeking extra support.  Asking for support is a sign of strength and maturity and it is just as useful for men and women.


Counselling has a process, and counsellors don't just sit there and nod saying nothing or asking "how do you feel about that?"  Nor do you just sit and only talk about your problems.  Counselling is a collaborative, structured process, although you may or may not notice some of the structure.  It's about working towards wellbeing.  It is an art and a science. The extensive research base shows that counselling is effective.


Counsellors can not read your mind.  Whilst counsellors have experience in working with different types of people and the different situations people find themselves in, you and your situation are unique.  The counsellor will not change who you are, nor 'sort your problems out for you' nor give you advice.  Only you can make changes in your life.   Your counsellor with work with you so you can achieve what it is you want to do. 


Although it may initially feel embarassing or awkward to talk with someone you don't know, once you get to know your counsellor you will find it feels more comfortable and empowering.  Finding the counsellor who you feel is the right person for you is important.


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