What is Counselling?


What is the purpose of counselling?

In counselling we work together to improve your life and wellbeing. 


How does it work?

Counselling is both a science and an art and in essence consists of three main activities.  These are goals, tasks and a bond.  In short, this means we work on what you would like to work on, using different methods or tasks that you are comfortable with.  The bond is the relationship we create together.  This consists of many parts, however respect and trust form the foundation.  Finding a counsellor that you are a good fit with is important.


What is it like?

What many people experience in counselling is someone who listens openly and respectfully, without a negative judgement, opinion or jumping to a conclusion.  The counsellor often has some understanding of aspects of your situation, and can help you to make sense of it and work towards what you would like to be different.  The process is different and unique for each person and you are in control, choosing the pace, methods and direction.


 When is a good time to go to counselling?

Sometimes we put off seeking help as we may think negatively about ourselves or counselling.  Taking action earlier than later is generally helpful for our lives, and no issue is too small or too big to bring along.   Often we can learn a lot from small things and find there is much more to them.  Likewise, we can find the big things are composed of many small and manageable parts.  There is meaningful opportunity in anything we choose look at.


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